Why Shopify is The Best E-commerce Solution for Small Businesses

E-commerce Solution for Small Businesses

Shifting from a brick and mortar to online store is a dream that many small-scale entrepreneurs keep on postponing each day. Even with the ease of setting up e-commerce businesses, the cost of e-commerce solutions is unbearable to many small businesses. Also, most of these solutions do not offer elements to support small-scale investors.

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan by the name Shopify is finally here to solve the mayhem of these entrepreneurs by enabling them to become webpreneurs. But why should a small business owner go for Shopify and not any other e-commerce solution? Here are the reasons:

i.    Affordability

Cost is the main barrier for some small-scale entrepreneurs when they think of setting up an online store. Some of the e-commerce platforms in the market charge a monthly fee that is almost double the profit of the small business. In this regard, selling on virtual platforms remains a burning desire that never consumes any substance to become a reality.

However, Shopify is nowhere. The Shopify packages start from as low as $9 and $29 per month. The $9 package allows you to sell through Facebook. With these packages, all small business can now turn to hybrid stores and start selling online.

ii.    Business development resources

How would it feel to access information for enhancing your business development? This is the reason to go the Shopify way. Here, you get free information on how to develop business ideas and a precise definition of what each type entails. Also, if you have no idea on what to sell online, Shopify guides you through the process of selecting it.

As well, you get resources on how to manage your business orders and to enhance customer relations with your e-commerce business. For this reason, Shopify is not only an e-commerce solution, but it’s also a solution to your business difficulties.

iii.    Reliable Support

When operating an online business, a steady support is critical to ensuring smooth flow of your transactions. Nothing is disappointing than having an issue with your e-commerce site, but no one is there to help you solve it. Such, a situation means lost sales and to substantial extent loss of customers.

Due to this, Shopify realizes the need for customer support. The organization offers you 24/7 support. So, in case you have a problem in your site, you can reach them at any time of the day through live chat emails or phone calls.

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